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  1. Betty says:

    Blueberry Festival was a blast! Great work girls! Awesome pics Peter!

  2. tracy says:

    okay where to start!!!!!
    well thanks again Carla and Peter for the BEST MASTER class of all time!!!what fun we all had…thanks for being the instructors you are…full of energy,enthusiasm,full of smiles and laughs.your classes are just AMAZING it is a PARTY…it’s the best 1 hour class ever…couldn’t ask for better :)if it wasnt for u zumba sudbury I wouldnt be where I am today!!!! thanks for “EVERYTHING”…Carla and Peter always remember you guys ROCK,your AMAZING instructors,your full of life and we love you guys for that…we’re gonna watch our Zumba family grow…ZUMBA SUDBURY IS ALWAYS GONNA BE #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Marielle says:

    Hey Carla and Peter…just wanted to let you know how much fun we had at the Master Zumba class yesterday with Carlos…thank you for giving us this opportunity and for all the hard work that you both did to organize this event…you guys are the best…love ya

  4. Joanne says:

    Carla & Peter,

    The Master Zumba class with Carlos Henriquez was totally awesome! What a great workout & lots of fun! You have to do this again!!!

  5. jeanie stinson says:

    hey Carla and Peter, I haven’t been at class for a while, and missing it terribly, I just love being there with everyone, you make me feel alive and full of energy. I’ve had a slight setback but plan to be back soon.
    Your classes are the best ever.
    Thanks so much. Jeanie

  6. celena says:

    Just wanted to say LOVE LOVE LOVE it, i go to dances and are implementing zumba into my dancing, got all new moves doing zumba….you guys are awesome.

  7. Betty Cheredaryk says:

    I just started Zumba in March and already I am hooked. I can’t miss a class with Carla & Peter. You guys are the best! You motivate people in a way that makes everyone enjoy themselves. A week without Zumba with Carla is like a week with no sunshine!!!! Keep shining……………..

  8. celena cipriani says:

    Love the routine suggestion, play more shakira ie waka waka and hips don’t lie love her music. LOVE the songs, love the atmosphere so much fun thx. 🙂

  9. Marja Porkola says:

    WOW … welcome back!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people so excited to get back to their exercise class as we were tonight!! You know you have a great class when … you guys are awesome!!

  10. Leane Koskela says:

    I have just come back from another Zumba class and I feel exhilarated! I am a 33 yr old woman who has been overweight my entire life and have never been excited about exercise before. I am so happy to have found Carla & Peter and their Zumba classes – it is truly changing my life. When you attend one of their classes yes you are getting a great workout but it is much more than that. The environment is a safe and positive one for EVERYBODY! My body feels good but so does my mind and my energy. I have attended other groups Zumba classes and they are ok but nothing like Zumba Sudbury. I would highly recommend anyone come out and party with us regardless of your fitness level. I will have fun and feel great too! Thank you Carla and Peter! I don’t think you realize just how many people you are impacting in such a positive way.

  11. Taryn Gorrie says:

    Zumba rocks!!! Carla and all the instructors are GREAT!!! My sister motivated me to join with her and get fit. I am a new mom and am trying to lose weight and gain back some “adult” time. Also, being a diabetic I needed to find activity that would benefit my lifestyle. Zumba promotes health mind and body. Thanks for helping improve my life. This is after only 3 classes, I see more Zumba with Carla in my future.

  12. Yvette says:

    A new year has arrived thought i would try something new…..But I just can’t give up my zumba classes with Carla & Peter and all the others….Still Loving it…it is the best Cardio,fun and i feel pumped after a class….going to keep on ZUMBA ING !

  13. Marielle Dovgalev says:

    I started Carla and Peter’s Zumba classes in late September and I had even tried running and everything I could think of to lose weight until my sister and I attended their class. I have lost so far almost 30 pounds and I just love it…I would recommend taking their class because for the past 10 years I have tried to lose the weight that I had gained weight when I had quit smoking … and anything I ever tried to do I would always quit half way through and with Carla and Peter’s Zumba class I have not once missed a class even when I broke my toe…I am so addicted to Carla and Peter’s class that I just love it…My friends and family cannot beleive the weight I have lost…I have went from a size 16 to a size 8. I will guarantee you that if you decide to join their class you will lose the weight and you will love the atmosphere and the new friends that you make in their classes…Carla and Peter I love you both….

  14. sheila howard says:

    If you want to get great workout. attend a Zumba class with Carla.. Unbelievable results will come your way// With the best Zumba instructor along with your willing to want to succeed,you will also see how it can all work together. If you are not seeing the results you would like, then come join the party with Carla and you will agree its the party place to be. I am totally addicted to the music and the dance moves. Mostly what I love, is working out while having so much fun with the greatest people I know. I have so much fun moving to the music without even realizing that I am actually working out.Its now the time for everyone to come join in the fun with Zumba with Carla. Your Heart will love you for it <3

  15. Marielle Dovgalev says:

    Carla and Peter
    I have finally found something that I love with a passion….I have lost 20 lbs so far and see a big difference in my clothes…I live, breath Zumba and you guys are the best…I made new friends and cannot wait to go to class.. Just want to say that the two of you make it so much fun and I am totally addicted…love you both…

  16. Lise Brown says:

    I so, so , love your classes of Zumba. You make it so easy to follow and learn..Yous are the best, funnest teacher ever…. can’t wait for the next class…woohooo… Zumba with Carla ROCKS…

  17. Sharon Dixon says:

    Just wanted to say that I’m new – but have found my new “healthy addiction”!

  18. Yvette says:

    Hi! just wanted to say….still LOVING ZUMBA..

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